Short Paragraph on My Dream Garden for Kids and Students

Short Paragraph on My Dream Garden in 200 Words

Different people have different types of hobbies. I have got a very interesting hobby. And it is gardening. I already have a garden in front of my reading room. I can see the garden view from my window. It is in the backyard of my house. I am planning to make this garden even bigger.

I have a dream garden scene in my head. A few months ago, I visited my cousin due to summer vacation. I saw a very beautiful garden in her home. It impressed me a lot and I wanted to make a similar garden. And that’s why I have started the initiative.

I have been pretty succeeding within the last four months. But I have to go so far. Still, now I have planted almost 20 flower plants in the garden. Luckily all of them have grown properly. Now it looks so beautiful. I want to make this one as my dream garden.

In my dream garden, there will be more than 100 flower plants and lots of vegetables. I want to make sure some natural food from my garden that I saw in my cousin’s place. My parents and my sister is helping me a lot in this. I hope I will be able to make the garden.

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