Short Paragraph on My Daily Routine

Short Paragraph on My Daily Routine in 200 Words

I am a school student and I follow a daily routine. That routine helps me to schedule and organize my entire day. It is very useful to me. I can set up my tasks and my study time. When I maintain time properly I get lots of extra time for other activities. My day starts with an alarm at 5.30 o’clock in the morning.

I love early rising because it is beneficial for health. After getting up, I brush my teeth and go for a morning walk. My father joins me most of the time. But sometimes, I go for a walk alone. After the walk, I wash my hand and face and do my breakfast.

Then it is my study time. I study for almost two hours in the morning. I love to do math at that time. After the study, I get prepare for my school. My mother helps me to wear my uniform. I spend the rest of the day in school. I come back home at 4 o’clock afternoon. I become fresh and take some rest. Before evening, I play outside with my cousins.

Then finally, I start studying again after the evening. I eat my dinner at 9 PM. I watch TV for 30 minutes then and go to bed at 10 PM. This is my daily routine.

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