Short Paragraph on Laptop | 280 Words

Short Paragraph on Laptop for Students of All Classes

We all know the computer. it is one of the biggest inventions of modern science. The laptop is a smaller version of a computer. It does the same work as a computer. But there are so many benefits and advantages to having a laptop. It is easy to carry and it can be used remotely. You can carry this machine anywhere with you. You can keep that on your backpack or there are some different bags for laptops. There are built-in mouse and keyboard in it. You don’t need to use any portable keyboard or mouse. But if you want to use one, you can use because it has so many USB ports. The LCD screen of a laptop is so good and it is almost like a portable LCD monitor. It is also known as a notebook computer. The use of a laptop has made the education sector so much easier. Now, most of the international universities are providing their lessons through it. If you have got one, you don’t need any books. You can read and write on it. You can store all of your books there and can read whenever you want. You can carry it with you in the classroom and can use it anytime. Overall it has lots of advantages that have made education easier. If you are an engineer or working in a company that you need to present your project in a remote place, you can use your laptop to show your project. It has made these things so much simple and easy. Now professional people prefer a laptop over desktop computers. I have one and I love to use that one so much.

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