Short Paragraph on Jupiter for All School and College Students

Short Paragraph on Jupiter in 200 Words

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It is the fifth planet from the Sun. Jupiter is the name of one of the gods in Roman mythology. It is a very big planet that is almost twice of all planets combined in our solar system. It is 1300 times biggest than the earth. It could have been a star if it was 80 times bigger than the current size. The atmosphere there is mostly created by hydrogen and helium. After moon and Venus, it is the third brightest object in the night sky. The reason behind its brightness is reflected light to cast a shadow.

It is assumed that there is rocky core of heavier elements on this planet, but it has to lack of solid surface like the other giant planets. It looks like an oblate spheroid because of its too much speedy rotation. Pioneer 10 is the first every spaceship which attempts to visit Jupiter. It made the closest approach on December 4, 1973. It has almost 79 known moons. Some are unknown by the astronauts. This planet is known from ancient times because it can be seen with naked eyes when the sun is low. There are lots of stories in different mythologies about this planet.

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