Short Paragraph on Junk Food

Short Paragraph on Junk Food in 200 Words

To stay healthy it is important to have a healthy food habit. We all need to know about these. But sometimes we are too much addicted to junk foods. That’s why we face lots of fatal diseases. Today we will learn about this and will learn how junk food can kill us. Junk foods are most of the fast foods that we can find in the shop. Pizza, Pasta, Burger, Coke, Chicken Roll, Grilled Chicken all these are fast foods. There are lots of cold drinks too these are under the category of junk food. The foods contain a high amount of fat and that makes us weak. When we keep eating junk food for a long time, it makes us lazy and increases our fat. Weight gain could be a huge health problem for anyone. Blood circulation becomes too much hard for us. It increases the chance of blood pressure. People who have a heart problem, they can face a heart attack due to eating too much junk food. It is highly risky for human health. To stay healthy, we need to avoid all these foods. You might see their beautiful and delicious advertisement and some of them try to prove these foods as healthy, but they are never. From now, we all need to become aware and need to eat healthy foods only.

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