Short Paragraph on Islam for School Children

Short Paragraph on Islam in 200 Words

Islam is one of the leading religions in the world. The people who follow Islam are known as Muslims. There are lots of countries in the world that have a Muslim majority. Pakistan, Indonesia, Arab World, and Bangladesh have a huge Muslim population. There are millions of Muslims there in Europe and America too. It is the fastest-growing religion in the world. This religion started its journey in the world in the 7th century by Muhammad (PBUH). The basic belief of this religion is ‘Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his messenger’. Every Muslim has to believe in this statement. Otherwise, he or she won’t remain Muslim anymore. Islam is the religion of peace. In the time when Muhammad (PBUH) started to promote this religion in Saudi Arabia, the entire country was filled with crime, rape, child abuse and lots of criminal activities. But slowly the people started to accept the religion of peace. And the Mecca and Medina became the hub of Islam. Now, these two cities are the pilgrim for Muslims worldwide. They arrive there for Hajj, religious practice for Muslims. After so many decades, this religion is growing so fast and it will be the largest religion in the world.  

Writer: Tahsifa Islam Mou

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