Short Paragraph on Internet Privacy (245 Words)

Short Paragraph on Internet Privacy for Students of All Classes

The Internet has been so cheap and easy for everyone. Now people can use the internet in their mobile device with a SIM card. But it was not that much easy before. You had to take an internet connection from a valid server. But now everything works wirelessly. It so amazing that the internet has to have an important contribution to modern science. It is helping everyone to learn more and become powerful in the information.

But a thing that has been a reason for the tension is privacy for the internet. It is an open world and anyone can browse whatever she or he wants. In that case, people are building web properties. Suppose you are having a Facebook account, now it is a web-property of you.  You must have to keep it safe so that anyone can’t see your private chats and messages with others.

Not only on Facebook, have we needed to ensure privacy in every sector of the internet. We need to make the internet safe and clean. To do that the most important thing is to keep your device virus-free. Do you know how to keep a computer from phone virus-free? First of all, we need to know which software is good for the device. We should not use any unauthentic software or app. These apps can steal information from our devices. To ensure our privacy, we need to stay away from these unethical apps. Sometimes hackers are also responsible for these.

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