Short Paragraph on Importance of Traffic Light

Short Paragraph on Importance of Traffic Light in 200 Words

Traffic education is highly important for all of the people in our country. It has been so bad that’s why road accident has been a common matter here. People don’t know anything about the traffic signal or traffic light. Even some of the important and busy traffic points don’t have a traffic light. There are so many importances of traffic lights. Traffic light indicates drivers to slow down when they are going fast. In the busy street, it helps drivers to know when to stop and when to drive. It is very useful for passersby too.

If anyone is walking through the road and he needs to cross it, the traffic light can help them. Having a traffic light in every busy street is highly important. It could be a lifesaver for the passerby and even for the drivers. It guides the drivers when you need to stop and when you need to drive. It is a very useful thing for us. We all need to learn the proper use of traffic lights. It turns red the vehicles stop and people can walk and cross the street at that time. When it turns green people need to stop and the vehicles will move at that time.

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