Short Paragraph on How to Prevent Diseases for All Students

Diseases are around us, we have to protect ourselves from different types of diseases. There are so many steps that we can take to prevent it. First of all, we need to become neat and clean. We have to keep our bodies, house, and other things clean. 

If you keep your body clean, you will feel better and will be able to fight with diseases. Our immune system plays a vital role to prevent any type of disease in our body. We have to keep our immune system strong. It depends on what we are eating. 

We need to eat healthy food. Lots of vegetables and the proper amount of meat can make your health good. Walk or do exercises regularly. Try to wash your hands often. And it’s better to stay home when you have any symptoms of any diseases. If you are going to do sex, then use condoms and go for safer sex. 

Try to keep your personal items to yourself, don’t share them with anyone. Get proper medication on time. If you face any fatal problem, then admit yourself to the hospital. That’s all you have to do if you want to prevent diseases. 

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