Short Paragraph on How to Open a Bank Account

Short Paragraph on How to Open a Bank Account in 200 Words

Opening a bank account is very easy for anyone. To open a bank account you need to go to the nearest bank. I always prefer the Govt. Banks. Because they provide good and secure services. After arriving at the bank you need to tell that you need to open a new account. 

An assistant will assist you in that case. They will give you a form to fillup. Before that make sure what type of account you are going to open. There are different types of accounts such as current, saving and fixed deposit. 

If you need to use it regularly then you can go for a current or saving account. You need a copy of your ID card and two copies of your photographs. If you are underage and don’t have ID then you can use your school ID card for that. 

And you need to keep your mother or father ID card as a nominee. After the account creation, you have to keep a very small amount of money to activate your account. There are so many good sides to having a bank account. You can transfer money anywhere with the same banking service. 

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