Short Paragraph on How to Observe the Victory Day

The victory day of Bangladesh is on 16th December 1971. In the year of 1971, after a fight of nine months, Bangladesh got freedom from Pakistan. It is a memorable day in the history of our country. We observe victory day every year to pay respect to all the martyrs are celebrate the happiness of victory. 

In the day, every school and college arrange a function. In schools, they arrange different types of sports events. And at the end of the day, they arrange a prize-giving ceremony and a cultural function. On that day, you will listen to patriotism songs all day long. 

And you will find people are waving Bangladeshi flag every corner of the country. On this day, we talk about all the injustice happening all around the world. End of the day, this day is all about joy, celebration, happiness, and inspiration. 

Our filmmakers make movies on this topic and we watch them on screen. We listen to beautiful stories of our liberation war, that make us more patriot. Overall this is a very important day of our history that teaches us lots of things. We need to celebrate this day every year to pay proper respect to all the martyrs of 1971. 

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