Short Paragraph on How to Make a Train Journey

The train journey is fun and safe. I always prefer the train while I am traveling long. I try to avoid the bus always. I found the train very comfortable and good for me. Today I am going to tell you how to make a train journey. To make a train journey, you need to pick a destination first. 

Suppose I visited Delhi from Kolkata to visit one of my cousins. That was an epic journey. First of all, I bought two tickets online. The ticket purchasing process is very easy and simple. Anybody can buy tickets online now. It’s easy and hassle-free. 

Then in the day, we went to the railway station. The entire station was full of peoples. It was a national holiday and that’s why people were moving from one place to another. We waited around half an hour for our train. It was pretty late. Finally, we got it and arrived at it. 

It was hard to find our seats. We sat in the seat and we were very happy. The side view of the train was amazing. One of my friends was with me. We enjoyed the view a lot. I loved the entire journey. That’s how anybody can make a train journey. 

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