Short Paragraph on How to Make a Plane Journey

A plane journey is the fastest way to travel from one place to another. A few weeks ago I have experienced a beautiful plane journey from Kolkata to Mumbai. I was traveling with my father. He wanted to attend a business meeting and I was going to visit one of my cousins

I was pretty excited about the journey. My father bought two tickets from the Air India office in Kolkata. In the day, we went to the office and a bus took us to the airport. The airport is very beautiful and clean. I was loving it. 

When we boarded on the plane, I was very happy. We took two seats in business class. I sat there and used the seat belt, an air hostess came to help me. The environment was very neat and clean. There was a beautiful screen to watch TV and cinemas. 

My father was reading a magazine. I also took one. They offered lunch and their lunch was very delicious. I enjoyed the drinks too. It took approximately three hours to land in Mumbai. I was very happy about the entire journey. It was a new experience and so many things to learn for me. 

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