Short Paragraph on Hostel Life for All Students

Short Paragraph on Hostel Life in 200 Words

Hostel life is an important part of student life. Sometimes students need to live in a hostel when they go to a different city or away from their home to study. In that case, lots of students live in the hostel together. Hostel life is very enjoyable. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it has some bad sides too. When a student lives in a hostel, he gets a free life. He can spend his time in study, game, or rest. He has full independence. Most of the students use that independence to improve their life. One student has to live with lots of other students. It gives them an opportunity to know each other. Students to live in the hostel, they get enough time after their study. At that time they can read books or can join social welfare works. There are so many things to do. Hostel life helps a student to become a good leader. It helps us to get rid of shyness. We can communicate with anyone after living in a hostel. Sometimes it has some bad sides too. Everyone needs to avoid bad companions in the hostel. It could ruin your life. So hostel life is a crucial part of our life.  

Writer: Sofor Ali

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