Short Paragraph on Hilsa or Ilish Fish for School Kids

Ilish or Hisla is a widely known fish in Bangladesh and India. It is the national fish of Bangladesh. People love to eat this fish. It is very delicious. Especially it has a huge connection with Bengali tradition. On the first day of Bengali year, or in Pahela Baishakh people love to eat Hilsa fish with panta vat. 

There is a proverb ‘Mach e Vat e Bangali’, that means Fish and Rice are fond of Bengali. Hilsa fish has some specialties. You won’t find it on a normal pond or haor. It only is seen in the big rivers. The Padma river is popular for very delicious Ilish. 

Sorry to say, the amount of Ilish fish are decreasing every year. Lots of greedy fishermen are responsible for this. They are catching young and mother Ilish. The government of Bangladesh has passed a law in 2003 that catching all young and mother Ilish is illegal and you will be imprisoned if you do that. 

This law has changed the scenario a bit but didn’t protect the fish at all. This fish has a high demand for Bangladesh and India. And that’s why there is an opportunity to export it worldwide. It has a huge business too. We all have to protect our beautiful Hilsa fish. 

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