Short Paragraph on a Hartal Day

Short Paragraph on a Hartal Day for All School Students

Hartal is a common affair in Bangladesh. It means some protest, procession by a political party and on this day there are all transportation becomes off. The markets become shut down and it becomes so hard for the people to live. I have experienced so many Hartal days in my life. I am going to share my experience here. A few weeks ago the opposition party called for a Hartal due to some political issue. I had a pre-booked ticket from Sylhet to Dhaka.

I had a very important visit there. But when I saw the news I was a bit tensed. My friends told me that, everything will be okay afternoon and you can travel then. I went to the counter at 10 AM in the morning. My bus was at 10.30. I saw all the shops and shopping malls are shut down. There were a very low number of peoples on the road. I was so surprised to see the situation. I was a bit tensed too.

I saw a crowd was burning some car tire in the middle of the road. I didn’t find any police or army around there. Then I had to wait until 4 PM at the bus counter to start the bus. That was a very bad experience for me.  

Writer: Sohan Ahmed

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