Short Paragraph on Globalization for School Students

Globalization is a process where the business and all the trade things become borderless and open for all. Due to modern technologies, the entire world has come under one shade. That’s why the trade has been easier than before. 

As an example, if someone wants to import any product from another country, they can contact the seller online and can place an order online too. It made all the things very easy and simple. All these are happening due to globalization. 

It is making huge impact on culture, politics, trade, and education. People behave like an international citizen and they know all about other countries. It is a good thing, but not great always. Some bad side of globalization is the big and powerful countries are making lots of factories in poor countries for cheap labor. 

That’s a very bad thing. We should not do things like this. But we can take the advantage of globalization to do worldwide business. It has some disadvantages, but it still helping the entire world to become a global village and act better. 

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