Short Paragraph on Flower of Bangladesh for School Students

Bangladesh is a very beautiful country with lots of different types of flowers. You can find numerous beautiful flowers there. The national flower of Bangladesh is Waterlily. The most seen flowers are Shelly, Rose, Water Lily, Kamini, Palash, Shefali, Tuberose, Sunflower, Marigold, Beli, etc. 

Rose is a very common flower known all across the world. It is found in different colors. But the red rose is mostly used and popular. In Bangladesh, rose is the most used flower and you will find it in every corner of the country. 

The water lily is the national flower, but it is seen in the pond and rivers only. It is very beautiful and unique flower. Lotus is pretty similar with water lily, but its color is red. The scientific name of Water Lily is Nymphaeaceae. Sunflower is also very popular and well known in the country. 

It is seen in the village areas. People used to seed it in their crops field. It looks very beautiful and unique. Marigolds are known as ‘Gadha Fool’ in this country and it is also very popular. People use it to decorate marriage hall mostly. And the necklace of Gadha Fool is very popular in this country. 

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