Short Paragraph on Floods in Bangladesh for Students and Children

Bangladesh is a tropical and low land country. This country faces floods every year. Neighboring India is also a huge responsibility for this. In the rain falling season, India opens its switch gate and that’s why the water level gets an increase in Bangladesh. Flood has been a common problem here. 

Some of the major floods have taken thousands of lives. Every year, the country has to face a huge crisis of food and relief help for the people to become flood victims. Another important thing is the cities in the country are not planned at all. There is no proper water drainage system. 

So when they face heavy rainfall, the water stuck in the same place and makes a little flood. Millions of people become homeless because of a heavy flood in this country. A huge amount of domestic animals dies and people lose the property for good. 

The government tries its best to help people with food and medicine. But still, a lot of people die because of different types of waterborne diseases. People try to live in some temporary shelters built by them or some volunteers. Overall the flood problem in Bangladesh is a crucial problem. There is no way to get rid of it. 

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