Short Paragraph on Empowerment of Women for School Kids

Women empowerment refers to powering women to take their own personal decision and getting all the rights. And finally getting rid of gender inequality. A country like India is facing gender inequality problems for decades. The women are not getting their rights properly. There are lots of movements are improving the situation. 

But still, there are lots of lackings. Once a time, when the girls were unable to get an education. But now the scenario has changed, but still in some backward areas of the country is facing the same problem. Women should get empowered to ensure their own preferences. 

We see that most of the girls have to live according to their husbands, brother, or father’s wish. That’s not freedom. If a girl can make her own decision, she needs to get established first. To do that female education should be encouraged. 

That’s how we will get an educated female nation and they can contribute to the country’s economy and will be an important part of it. That’s how it will be possible to do Empowerment of Women. If women get power, then the situation will be safe for them. Because we all know a country like India is not safe for working women at all. 

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