Short Paragraph on Children’s Day for Students

Short Paragraph on Children’s Day in 200 Words

Children’s day is celebrated on the 14th of November every year in India. This day is the birthday of India’s first prime minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Later, the Indian government decided to celebrate his birthday as a children’s day. He was very fond of the kids. Nehru was known with the name ‘Chacha Nehru’. He always wanted the children of this country to become educated to do something bigger. He loved spending time with kids.

Every school and colleges celebrate Children’s Day on his birthday. All of them pay a tribute to this visionary and legendary leader. Teachers and students take special preparation for this day. All of the schools and colleges arrange competitions and some cultural programs. In the competition, the kids take participate in several games and sports. The common competitions are debates, quizzes, and cultural programs like dance, music, and drama.

After the competition, the school or college authority gives a prize to the winners. Chacha Nehru believed that the kids are the future of a nation. He always wanted to make sure every kid is being educated with proper education. This day is a very big day for all of the students and children. There are some good television programs also regarding this day.  

Writer: Sunil Sharma

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