Short Paragraph on Arsenic Pollution for School Students and Kids

Short Paragraph on Arsenic Pollution in 200 Words

Arsenic Pollution is a serious health problem in different countries like India, Bangladesh or Pakistan. It happens due to drinking tube-well water containing Arsenic. Arsenic poison works very slowly that people don’t understand the effect on their bodies. There are lots of tube-well around us where the water has an excessive amount of arsenic. 

This is called as ‘Arsenic Pollution’ or Arsenic Problem. When a person keep drinking arsenic contained water for a long time he gets different types of physical diseases. First of all, they will feel abdominal pain and several sores will be seen on their body. 

It will make sores in leg, hand, back and sometimes in the entire body. Most of the time that types of sores make skin cancer in the human body. We should know that long term drinking arsenic water can take a person to death. 

When someone faces any problem due to drinking those types of water, it is possible to get treatment. First of all, need to stop drinking water and need to eat proper vegetables and need to eat following a healthy diet. Vitamin A, C, and E and is the most effective treatment for this problem. We need to be conscious of this problem.