Short Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller for Kids and Students

Rickshaw is a three-wheeled manual vehicle that needs a person to pull. A person who pulls rickshaw is known as Rickshaw-Puller. The use of this vehicle is very much in our country. That’s why rickshaw puller is a common character everywhere. It is a very hard job and it needs very hard work. 

But end the end, the paying is very less. That’s why rickshaw pullers are poor in our country. They struggle to earn their daily needs. Most of the rickshaw pullers don’t own their rickshaw. They take it on rent and have to pay an amount every day. 

We see them everywhere on the road. They are having a huge impact on the communication system. For the small distance rickshaw is the best transportation. You can find them in front of colleges, schools, offices, shopping malls or different types of transport stands. 

They get up early in the morning and go out with their rickshaw. They work the entire day without taking any rest. They fight with the odd nature of outside to keep their family fine. They are true struggler. When he falls sick and can’t earn, his family faces a hard time. We all need to kind heart and need to help them everywhere. 

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