Road Accident Paragraph Writing

Road Accident: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

India is a very big and populated country. There are huge amounts of traffic on the road. But they don’t have proper traffic education. Because of that road accidents happen very often. A few weeks ago, I witnessed a heartbreaking road accident in Delhi. I was going to my school and there was a middle-aged man who was crossing the road.

A truck-van was coming from the opposite side with full of speed. The driver didn’t even notice the man who was crossing the road. The man didn’t get enough time to escape or run. Then the road flooded with blood. It was a shocking moment for me.    

Road Accident: Paragraph (150 Words)

Road accident has been a very common affair at that time. We all need to be careful about that. If the people get proper education about traffic law, then the road accident ratio will be very low. I have experienced a road accident a few days ago. I am going to say that here.

I was returning home s like daily I do from my school. I was pretty much late, because of private tuition. I was alone on the road. I came near a market and saw a few peoples were gathering on the opposite side of the road. They were trying to cross the road. But the road was pretty much busy.

There was lots of traffic. Suddenly an old aged man started to cross the road and a motorbike was coming from opposite with full speed. That was not possible to control the bike at that time, as a result, the bike hit the old man. He died on the spot. I can’t forget the incident.    

Road Accident: Paragraph (200 Words)

Road accident is being a massive threat to the entire world. Day by day, the number of vehicles is increasing. Especially it has been a big problem for countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and African countries. We know that the government is working so much hard to prevent an accident on the road.

The urban area and the highway is the main place where the accident happens often. A few days ago, I have witnessed a really shocking and heartbreaking road accident near Dhaka in Dhaka-Sylhet highway. I was traveling to Dhaka for a family reason. There was a long line of vehicles, because of a traffic jam.

Most of the passengers got off the bus and they were walking in the street to spend time. Suddenly, I saw, in the other lane of the road, a middle-aged woman was trying to cross the road. Transportation was normal on that lane. Lots of vehicles were going.

She waited a couple of minutes but suddenly started running. A car was coming with full speed from the opposite side. There was a massive destroy, it was directly into her. Her body went a minimum 10 feet away with the push of car. She was spot-dead.

The road became red with her blood. People were running to her and stopped the car. Few people were trying to take her into the nearest hospital. But it was pretty much sure that she is dead.

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