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A Railway Station – Short Essay, Paragraph: 1 (100 words)

A railway station is a place where a train comes, takes passenger, down passengers. The railway station is an extremely busy spot in every city. There are railways stations in every city. In good stations, there are good facilities. Lots of people gather in a station. A huge amount of vehicles stay parked outside.

People are really busy there. You know the train is really good transport for a long journey and people prefer to journey by train. A railway station has few platforms where people wait for their expected trains. The railway station has so many shops and hawkers, who sell their product to the people who arrive there.    

A Railway Station – Short Essay, Paragraph: 2 (200 Words)

A railway station is full of gathering and lots of people. I never visited a railway station before, but a few days earlier I got that experience. And I will share it here today. I always heard lots of things regarding railway station and I wanted to see all these things in my own eyes and that’s why I planned to visit my nearest station with few of my friends.

One of my friends Sahil informed me that one of his uncles is coming from Delhi and we need to pick him up from our station. I agreed because I was looking for the chance to go there. In the day, we went there at 10 AM and his train arrival time was 10.30 AM, we thought to be there a few minutes ago so that you can see the sight. But the train was more one hour late, that made us really bored.

But the time we were there, I really enjoyed the whole environment. Everyone is super busy in a railway station. People are busy with their journey, with their business and busy with their unique lifestyle. I found lots of homeless people are living on the side of the station and some of them are trying to sell cheap stuff to the people who are arriving there.    

A Railway Station – Long Essay: 3 (500 Words)

Introduction: A railway station is a place where a train stop and people get down. I have an awesome experience with our nearest railway station in Sylhet. This place is full of several types of people. You will see so many various things there. One of my cousins was coming from Dhaka and I went to the station at 10 AM. His train arrival time was 10.15 AM.

But I found that there are one hour late and I have to wait. I didn’t have any choice and that’s why I thought to roam around and see the whole station. I parked my car outside of the station, where people park their car. I tried to understand the circumstance.

A Railway Station: Before coming to my cousin, there were three trains came with a huge amount of passengers. Lots of people get down and lots of people boarded for their journey. There was too much gathering. No space for walking. A huge number of people travels by train without a ticket and there standing ticket also available for people.

People don’t care about law and rules at all. But I found a few strict police also who were doing their duty properly. When a train arrives, lots of coolies come to collect your baggage. It’s a very common scene in every railway station in the world. Coolies are really hardworking; they carry huge bags that I can’t even imagine.

And they don’t ask for any specific amount of money, people give them with their wish. Coolies are not good every time. Sometimes they make a quarrel with normal passengers. Crime ratio in a railway station is a little bit high, I think. I found so many people who are lying in the platform and in the over the bridge, who are maybe addicted to weed.

They don’t look alike homeless. There are lots of small shops and tea stalls there. People buy their desire for traveling food from these shops. I went to a tea stall and drink a cup of tea. The tea was really amazing. These shops are really busy before a train arrives.

And too much calm in the time when the train left the station. After waiting 1 hour and 20 minute my expected train came and I was standing near the compartment where my brother was. We found a coolie who assisted us to carry our bag to the car.

Conclusion: And then we left the station. I was very happy to see my brother after a long time. And I was a really good experience of the railway’s station, I learned so many things. I think everyone should visit the railway station and enjoy the situation. I wish to travel by train, I never been on a train. I wish that I will do that very soon.  

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