50+ Possessives Noun and Pronoun Examples in Sentence

Possessives are used to show relationships and belongings between one or two things or people. Here are lots of examples of possessives nouns and pronouns. Take a look. 

Possessives Examples
Possessives Examples

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  1. Della’s hair is very long.
  2. This is Nazma’s bag.
  3. Ann’s school is very big. 
  4. I have done it for conscience’ sake. 
  5. You should sacrifice it for goodness’ sake. 
  6. Kamala reads in a girls’ school. 
  7. Horses’ tails are short.
  8. Nazrul’s father is seriously ill. 
  9. Mr. Ali is now at death’s door. 
  10. Your success depends on fortune’s favor. 
  11. These are children’s books. 
  12. This is a women’s club. 
  13. I am on a four days’ casual leave. 
  14. I have visited Kamal’s and Rohan’s family. 
  15. You should obey nature’s law. 
  16. He was at his wit’s end. 
  17. I ate to my heart’s content.
  18. Everything is at my fingers’ end. 
  19. He has lost a pound’s weight. 
  20. Everything depends on heaven’s will.
  21. His house is only at a stone’s throw from mine. 
  22. It is not your money’s worth. 
  23. It is a day’s journey from here to Mumbai. 
  24. Sofia’s laptop works very well.
  25. Tania’s husband is a police officer.
  26. Dulal’s mother is a school teacher.
  27. My laptop’s hard-drive has been wasted. 
  28. Sanjay’s computer is not working. 
  29. My school’s students make good results every year. 
  30. Sheena’s hair is very long.
  31. Mina’s playing method is very different.
  32. I follow Samina’s daily routine. 
  33. I love to watch Allen’s TV Show. 
  34. This car’s speed is too much.
  35. These are the principal’s rules that we need to follow. 
  36. Salam’s wife is very pretty.
  37. Halima’s father is going to China.
  38. Tanim’s hat was looking beautiful. 
  39. My mom’s name is Laila. 
  40. My father’s car brand is Audi. 
  41. My brother’s phone is lost.
  42. My sister’s dresses are beautiful.
  43. Ahmad’s phone is broken. 
  44. Tom’s cat has died, I am sorry about that. 
  45. Chris’ books are very enjoyable.
  46. I love watching DiCaprio’s movies.
  47. The cricket team’s jerseys are blue.
  48. This is my bag.
  49. I love this book’s stories.
  50. This book is Rina’s.


What is a possessive noun example?

When you use an apostrophe + s with a name to refer a relationship with two things or people then it a possessive noun. Here are some examples:
1. Nazrul’s father is seriously ill.
2. Tania’s hair is very long.
3. Jebin’s smile is very cute. 

How do you use possessives and apostrophe?

You need to use an apostrophe + s after a singular noun or pronoun, such as John’s, David’s, etc. But if the noun or pronoun is plural and it has a ‘s’ end of the world, then you need to put an apostrophe only. Here is an example: Horses’. 

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