Paragraph on Slum Dwellers for School Students

Short Paragraph on Slum Dwellers in 100 Words

Slum-dwellers are so much hard-working and fighting people. They live in a slum in big cities. It is always hard to live in a slum. There is no proper water, food, electricity, or medical service for the people. Most of the places are polluted and it is hard to take breathe there.

People who are homeless and don’t have money to rent a house for living come under the sky and start to live in an open place. Gradually it becomes a slum. Slums don’t have a good structure of houses. You will see too many crimes there.

Paragraph on Slum Dwellers in 150 Words

Slum-dwellers are the people who live in the slums in cities. Most of the cities in our country have the problem of slums. A huge amount of people live together in a place without any basic facilities. Most of the slums don’t have proper water, electricity, and sanitation systems.

That’s why they often face fatal diseases and it becomes harder to live there. Mostly the homeless people who don’t have money to pay house rent they start living in an open place and then it become slum when lots of similar people come together. Slum-dwellers are hard workers. They work so hard to change their luck.

Most of them work as day labor or rickshaw puller. The ratio of child labor is too high in these places. But it is possible to bring changes in the slum. If we try to give education for the kids and the government makes more working opportunities for the adults then they can change their fortune.    

Paragraph on Slum Dwellers in 200 Words

People who live in a slum area known as slum dwellers. In big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Dhaka, Karachi, or Kolkata you might see lots of slums. Life in the slum is terrible. People don’t get their basic needs. Most of the people who don’t have a home to live and don’t have any earning to pay house rent they start living under the sky in an open place.

And gradually it becomes populated with other homeless peoples and that’s how a slum constructed. Indian cities have a huge problem with slums. It is hard to solve this problem. The government needs to make huge job opportunities for people so that they can leave slums and start a normal life.

Slums are overpopulated. The environment is very bad and it’s too unhealthy for kids. There are polluted places everywhere and it is not safe for the kids. Slums dwellers are not good always. Few of them create crimes and do drug business.

Life in the slum is hard. People fight with their fortune every day. But it is not a good option to hate or avoid slum dwellers. We can together bring change and can work for these unprivileged peoples.

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