Paragraph on Science and Technology in 100, 150, 200 Words

Short Paragraph on Science and Technology in 100 Words

Science and technology have changed the entire world in a positive way. It has made business, education, medical, entertainment, communication, governance, NGO’s, and so many sectors easier. Lots of simple things are happening around us that people never even imagined before.

All these are happening due to the contribution of science and technology. The computer is a huge invention that has importance in almost all sectors. Then the motor engine has made communication easy. The rise of the internet was amazing.

Because of it, the entire world has been so small. Anyone can learn about the entire world sitting in a room. This journey of science and technology was awesome.

Paragraph on Science and Technology in 150 Words

The revolution of science and technology has been so much wide these days. The world has been so many advances. Human life is so easier and simple because of the contribution of science. From education to the medical sector everywhere in science and technology.

When someone gets sick the doctors find the diseases using technology and find a solution with science. That has been so easy for us. From the invention of electricity to the motor engine, the journey is glorious. Electricity is a power that has made our life easy with electric light, fan, etc.

It is not possible to use Mobile, TV, Computer and other important machines without electricity. Lots of big factories and mills are running with the power of electricity. That is a huge invention of science. Globalization has been simple. The entire world has been a little village for us. We can communicate with each other without any problem or hardship.    

Paragraph on Science and Technology in 200 Words

This decade is known as a time for science and technology. With lots of revolutionary inventions, the entire world has been so much advanced and improved. It is all about the blessings of science. From electricity to social media, everywhere is a lot of contribution to modern science.

There are lots of wonders of science these were hard to believe a few decades ago. The computer is one of them. This amazing invention has made lots of changes in the business, medical, education, tourism, communication, and many more sectors. Human life has been easier and simple.

We can get connected with people easily and have been able to send photos, videos, and doing video chat with less effort. Television is another amazing thing that has made entertainment easier for people. There are thousands of satellite TV channels that provide lots of educational and entertaining content. People watch it in their leisure time and enjoy it a lot.

A mobile phone is a tool that almost everyone uses nowadays. We can call anyone, anywhere. And now it has been so advanced that we can use the internet there and all major computer programs are available on a mobile device. Overall science and technology bring lots of changes for us in a good way.

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