Paragraph on School Library for Children

A school library is a part and parcel for the school. Here are a few paragraphs on the school library. I hope you will like these.

A School Library: Short Paragraph (100 Words) for Class 3, 4, 5

The School library is a place in the school where we find lots of books decorated for everyone to read. It’s an amazing place for book lovers. As a book lover, it’s like heaven to me. I spend lots of my time in the library. We have a really big school library at our school.

We can bring the book at home for a certain time. At first, we need to become a member of the library. I am a member of whole life. There is a librarian who operates everything there. Lots of students come here to read books. It’s such an amazing place.

Our School Library: Paragraph (150 Words) for Class 6, 7

A school library is a very important part of the school. Every school should have a library. There is a public library in our school. I will say something about that now. I am a book lover, I love reading books. There are lots of people who love reading books a lot.

In our school’s academic building, we have BRAC public library and that is open for everyone. There is about three thousands of book available in the library. Almost every type of book is available. I love reading books about science and history. I am a lifetime member of the library.

Anybody can go there and read books. But if you want to borrow the book you need to become a member. It’s really easy to become a member. There is a librarian who operates everything about the library. She is very sweet to us. I love spending time in the library.

A School Library: Paragraph (200 Words) for Class 8, 9, 10

A school library is a place where the student goes to read and borrow books. Every school should have a school library. Book reading is my hobby. And I think it’s a really good habit. Books are our good friend who never leaves us. So everyone should make a habit of reading books.

A library can help us to have this habit easily. There are thousands of books available in the school library and the students have full access to these. They can read or borrow books as much as they want. I used to spend lots of leisure time in the library and borrow books often.

There is every type of books. I love reading science and history. There are few science fiction books these are really amazing and I love the most. Our headmaster is a really visionary person, who founded this school library a few years ago.

Now he is trying to enlarge it and add more and more books. He is doing campaigns to inspire people in reading books. Lots of people are donating to the library. After all, the school library is a really good place and it’s educational.  

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