Paragraph on Save Tiger for Kids and Students

Paragraph on Save Tiger
Paragraph on Save Tiger

Tiger is a beautiful and important animal in the jungle. The number of tigers is being lower day by day. We need to make awareness about that and the government should take some steps so that it comes real to save the tiger. India has a large number of tigers in the Sundarban. The Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban is widely famous in the world. It is a unique animal that has a vital contribution to the ecosystem of the jungle. It is important to keep them alive to keep the biodiversity normal and good. Otherwise, if they go extinct that will make a bad impact on the environment.

Paragraph on Save Tiger in 150 Words

Tiger is a royal animal and it is widely known all across the world. This is really saddening news for us that they are going to be extinct someday soon because gradually the number of tigers is lowering every year. They are highly important to keep a balanced situation in the ecosystem. Their contribution to the food chain is highly important. The experts are tensed that this species will be extinct someday and it’s not good news for the ecosystem.
The ecosystem will face a very bad impact due to the absence of a tiger. Now we need to spread awareness and let the world know the importance of saving tigers. Otherwise, we won’t be able to save them. We need to support the initiatives who are trying hard to save them. In 1995 the ExxonMobil Foundation started Save the Tiger Fund and they are still working for that.

Paragraph on Save Tiger in 200 Words

According to a few surveys, the numbers of tigers all across the world are decreasing every year. Even the experts are worried about the extinct possibility of the tiger. That makes scare among the tiger lovers. Still, now there have been lots of saving tiger funds to raise money and helping to save tiger, but still, tigers are being killed and their number is lowering every year. Tiger is not just another animal in the jungle. They are highly important for the ecosystem. They are helping a lot to keep the ecosystem balanced. If they go extinct they will make a big effect on the diversity of the ecosystem.
As an example when Dodos went extinct in Mauritius, a species of trees stopped growing and then this tree also went extinct. As you can see everything has its own effect. Tiger is not just another beautiful animal in the jungle; they are extremely related to the air, water, and soil situation of the jungle. If we can’t save the tiger then it will be a huge threat for us. India and Bangladesh have the biggest share of tiger amount in the world. The famous royal Bengal tiger is known all across the world.

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