Paragraph on Save Animals for School Students

Short Paragraph on Save Animals in 100 Words

Animals have a huge importance in our nature. We might don’t see any direct connection between agriculture and animals. But most of the animals have a huge contribution to agriculture and food growing sources. There is a large number of animals are facing huge aggression and their life is being hard.

There are lots of ways how we can save them. You should restrict all animal-related entertainment such as Zoo and Movies. We shouldn’t support to keep them in prison. They deserve their life in a forest or jungle. Wildlife is way more beautiful than we could imagine. And it is important for our earth.

Paragraph on Save Animals in 150 Words

Because of human cruelty and greed, animals are disappearing every year. There are lots of different types of animals in the world. A lot of them are in danger with the threat of extinction. We need to protect them. There are lots of foundations are working for saving animals such as Save the Tiger Foundation and many more.

It is not possible to describe in words how much important animals are for our ecosystem. They are keeping the food chain normal. If any of them go extinct the food chain gets disturbed and nature becomes polluted. We need to take a step to save animals to save our planet.

Otherwise, our entire ecosystem and the environment will be polluted. To save our earth we need to save them. We need to do so many awareness programs to let people learn more about this topic and that’s how we will be able to save them.    

Paragraph on Save Animals in 200 Words

Animals are the biggest part of nature. Even we humans belong as a form of animals. The most shocking and bad thing is that lots of types of animals are disappearing every year from nature. We are being unable to save them. There are so many reasons behind that.

One of the biggest reasons is human predators who hunt animals for their personal gain. We need to stop them. Animals are widely used and it is not possible to describe how important they are for nature, the environment, and to us.

There is a food chain in our ecosystem and we know every animal is connected with each other because of the food chain. When a species of becoming extinct, the food chain becomes imbalanced and it makes a difference in nature. And of course, it is not a good chance. Animals have a contribution to our daily life.

They are helping us in farming and lots of household works. In the previous time, people were too dependent on them. The horse was the best option for communication and the elephant was for transporting goods. In this modern time, we have been so much developed and lost all respect for nature and for the animals. We shouldn’t be like that.  

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