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Short Paragraph on Patriotism in 100 Words

Patriotism teaches us to love our own country or motherland, not to hate any other country. In true Patriotism, there is no selfish motive. A true patriot always keeps his country first. He does something for the country betterment. When a country faces any odd situation, they come front to protect the country. They don’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives. Patriots are always respected and remembered. It is a virtue that every religion encourages to have. We should be proud of our nation and raise the glory, love the culture and heritage and take care of them.  

Patriotism Paragraph in 150 Words

Patriotism means love and emotion for the country. There are lots of peoples in history who has proved and showed us what patriotism means. Mazzini, Garibaldi, Gandhi, Joan of arc, Nelson, Washington, Ho-chi-Minh etc are the best examples. They have sacrificed their entire life for the betterment of their country. It teaches us to love our country, not to hate any other country. We need to be active against every odd situation that is against our homeland.
This is a character value that comes naturally and it increases because of better education and understanding. When we learn how our ancestors have sacrificed their lives to protect this country then we become inspired and get lots of emotions to do something for our country. We all can change the country. We can do better things. Can create jobs, can help poor, can teach unprivileged kids in the street. There are so many things to do.

Paragraph on Patriotism in 200 Words

Patriotism is a natural character value and emotion that means love for the homeland or motherland or the country. We all have lots of feelings and emotions in our minds about our motherland. We love our country. Naturally, everyone is patriot due to natural emotion for the place of birth. But still, we need to know a lot of things about this topic. We could make a mistake or could do anything that could be against our nationalism. First of all, whatever you do, we need to re-verify and think is that allowed according to our constitutional law. If it is allowed then we can do and if it is not then we should not that.
A patriot can sacrifice him to protect the country. We see the army and they are a good example of patriotism. They work with a low wage and they work to protect a country. The people who have high emotions and love for the country do such a thing. We always have to do something that improves our country. We need to vote for that government who perform better and make a better country. Some qualities that a patriot should have are love for country, dedication for country welfare, speak against the evil that is ruining the country.

Paragraph on Patriotism
Paragraph on Patriotism 

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