Paragraph on Noise Pollution for Students

Short Paragraph on Noise Pollution in 100 Words

Noise pollution means an excessive amount of noise that disturbs human and animal life. That has so many bad effects on the environment too. The natural and beautiful environment could be imbalanced due to the high level of noise.

These noises are created from machines and transportations mostly. Sometimes social interaction people could make noise too. You might experience loud music in our neighborhood.

Those types of high-level loud music harm the surroundings and make bad relationships with people. Lots of people can’t sleep properly for that. Some of them face huge health problems. We all need to know and understand that.

Paragraph on Noise Pollution in 150 Words

Noise pollution or noise disturbance is a kind of environmental pollution that harms the normal life of humans and animals. It makes the environment imbalanced and unhealthy for us. Different types of machines and transportations are the main culprit for most of the sound outdoor.

In research, the experts have been agreed that this type of pollution affects human behavior too. People become less patient and aggressive in nature due to over noise. It causes serious health issues. Someone can lose his hearing ability due to too much noise pollution. People can lose their concentration power.

It becomes too hard to concentrate on a thing when there are loud sounds. We need a calm and quiet place for a better working environment. We should try our best to reduce the high level of sound in our home and outdoor. That will make the neighborhood beautiful and peaceful.    

Paragraph on Noise Pollution in 200 Words

Noise pollution is some kind of environmental pollution too. It is highly harmful to human and animal life. Excessive noise could make serious health issues us. Some people think that have the right to make a loud sound as they want. But still, lots of countries have passed a law to force people not to make loud sounds.

Lots of people making sound pollution with their car and bike horn and it is highly bad for the road. That could create an accidental scene in the road. Lacking proper traffic education is responsible for that too. Everyone should know the bad effect of noise pollution.

Noise pollution or noise disturbance is made by loud music too. If someone plays loud music in your neighborhood it will be hard for you to survive. In that case, the government should pass a law to prevent peoples from making these types of noise in their area.

These types of sound pollution cause relationship problems with people around us. If you want to keep a good relation with them then you can’t make those types of disturbance. With regular excessive sound pollution, someone could lose their hearing ability. That’s why we all need to be aware of this.

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