Paragraph on My Hobby Reading

Paragraph on My Hobby Reading in 100 Words

Having a hobby is a good thing for every human. I have a hobby too and it is a bit different from other people. Most people love traveling, gardening, or having a pet as hobbies. But my hobby is reading. I get so much satisfaction and feel good when I read something informative and positive.

I have a large collection of books; I consider them my best friends. Recently I have read The Lady of Blossholme by H. Rider Haggard. This is an amazing novel by the writer. I suggest everyone grow a reading habit. It is good for our mental growth.

My Hobby Reading Paragraph in 150 Words

Reading adds lots of knowledge, the idea in our brain. When we read something new, we get new creative ideas that we might apply in real life. As a student, I love reading and it is my hobby. I am so much happy with my hobby. I spend most of my leisure time in the library.

I am trying to build a home library and I am collecting books for that. Books are a good friend of ours. Despite reading books, I love reading newspapers and magazines. Recently I have read the book Robinson Crusoe, a Novel by Daniel Defoe. That has been one of my favorite books ever.

Reading helps me to stay away from loneliness and depression. I never feel bore reading books. Whenever I read something new, it lets me think differently and it improves my imagination power. I think everyone should nurture a habit of reading.    

Paragraph on My Hobby Reading in 200 Words

People have hobbies and it is a natural thing. Hobbies mostly come from things that influence us the most. In a family where I raised up, people are so much care about education. We have got a big family library where I started reading lots of books from my childhood.

And gradually book reading has been my hobby. And now I am so much happy and proud of my hobby reading. There are lots of importance of reading in our life. The benefit that I want to explain is reading gives me lots of self-satisfaction and I feel like charging up with knowledge.

When I read a new book, I am in a new world. I explore new places, new peoples, and new things. It is an amazing experience. I gain huge knowledge, learn the language and take ideas, All these that I can apply late in my real life. A good reader is a good human, I believe.

When you read a positively inspired book, it can change our way of thinking and will make you liberal. That’s why everyone should have a hobby of reading. You can start reading with newspapers, magazines, or short storybooks that you will enjoy. And gradually you can be a good reader.  

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