Paragraph on My Favourite Game Cricket

Short Paragraph on My Favourite Game Cricket in 100 Words

Cricket is my favorite game. I love to play and watch this game a lot. When I was a kid, I started watching cricket with my elder brother in Television. I became a fan from that time. My favorite cricket team in India and my favorite cricketer is Shakib Al Hasan and MS Dhoni. They both are amazing and I love them a lot.

This game brings so much happiness in our life. I never miss any international cricket tournament. Even I try to watch the match in India. IPL is one of the biggest cricket tournaments after the ICC Cricket World Cup. T20 is the most popular format.

Paragraph on My Favorite Game Cricket in 150 Words

There are so many games and cricket is my favorite game among them. There are so many reasons behind that. Our country is very strong in world cricket. We have won against every cricket playing teams. I never miss any international game of ours.

ICC World Cup is the biggest event or tournament for this game. ICC arranges it every four years. This game has three different formats and they are T20, ODI, and Test Cricket. T20 is the shortest version with 20 over the game. ODI is 50 over game and Test match is for 5 days and longest version of this game.

Nowadays T20 has been so much popular due to short lengths and lots of leagues all around the world. It has been an entertaining game. Especially in India, this game is not just a game. People are devoted to cricketers and cricket. I love this cricket so much.    

Paragraph on My Favourite Game Cricket in 200 Words

There are lots of games that people play regularly. I love to play games and sports too because there is a huge importance of sports in our regular life. Among all these sports I love cricket most. I am a huge cricket fan. From my childhood, I love to play cricket a lot.

Cricket is a game that was started in England. ICC or International Cricket Council is the governing body of the game that operates the entire game worldwide. This is the most played and most popular game in the subcontinent. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka every team is strong and they fight hard with each other.

It is an outdoor game with 11 players in each team. The team plays under the leadership of a captain. You need bat, ball, stumps, pads, helmet, and gloves to play the game. In the beginning, two captains come to the field and do a Toss. Toss winning team decides to bat or bowl first.

A team goes for bowling and another team goes for batting. Two batsmen come to the pitch and there are two umpires to operate the game. A team score run and that become a target for the next team. If they can score more than the first batting team, then they win. If they can’t score that much run, they lose the match.  

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