Paragraph on My Favourite Game Badminton

Short Paragraph on My Favourite Game Badminton in 100 Words

There are lots of indoor and outdoor games that people love to play. I love badminton mostly. This is a game that started in 1873. There are so many reasons that are why I love this game. This game is very good for physical exercise. It helps to increase speed, strength, and concentration power.

When you are playing badminton, you need to keep your eyes at your opponent and have to understand what his next move is going to be. This game is played with a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock. This game has huge popularity all across the world.

Paragraph on My Favourite Game Badminton in 150 Words

Badminton is an indoor game that was first played in 1873. This is a very interesting and intense, nerve-stretching game. I love this game a lot and it is my favorite game. I love to play this game and it is popular in the winter season. Every winter we arrange a field for playing badminton.

This game has an interesting history behind it. This game was started in England and now it is the most popular and played in Asian countries. There are lots of evidence that proved people played badminton in ancient India, China, and Greece.

There is a federation named Badminton World Federation or BWF who controls the game worldwide and they started their operation in 1934. An all-England championship is the biggest tournament for this game right now. There are few more big and interesting tournaments too; the Uber cup and Thomas cup are two of them.    

Paragraph on My Favourite Game Badminton in 200 Words

There are so many games out there and people love to play games. There are lots of importance to sports and games in our life. Today I’m going to share my favorite game Badminton. I love to play this game. Badminton was first played in 1873. As you can assume it is a very old game.

It was first played in England and there is lots of evidence that this game was played in China, India, and Greece in ancient times. Right now it is one of the most popular games all across the world. BWF or Badminton World Federation is the governing body that controls this game worldwide.

This federation started their activity in 1934. BWF Championship was arranged first-ever time in 1977. This is an indoor game that is possible to play in a tiny place. The players need two lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. Nowadays the shuttlecock is made by synthetic materials but in previous times they used 16 feathers of a goose.

This game was taken as a part of the Olympic Games in 1972. This game has been so much an important part of the Olympic Games. There are lots of big tournaments happening all around the world. I love this game a lot.  

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