Paragraph on Importance of Trees

Paragraph on Importance of Trees in 100 Words

Trees are the most important part of our nature. It helps to keep the air quality better. It has so many other advantages too. Let me share a few of them. First of all, when you plant some trees it becomes your property. It adds value to your wealth. You can do business out of lots of trees.

Suppose you have planted lots of mango trees and now you can sell mangoes from there. It will give you lots of benefits. We can make our surroundings beautiful with trees. We all have to concentrate on planting more and more trees from now to save our earth from global warming and climate change.

Importance of Trees Paragraph in 150 Words

Our environment is very beautiful with lots of trees. Nature could be harmed because of the absence of trees. It has a huge value in our life. It provides us the most important thing oxygen that we need to breathe. And it is a huge source of food. The tree is a huge property.

We can make a business with it. If you plant lots of fruit trees, you can get huge revenue from that. Big trees in the streets and parks give us shadow and save us from the hit of the sun. It makes our environment beautiful. It makes the air quality better.

It saves us from lots of natural calamities. It benefits our health and lets us live a healthy life. It is one of the best sources of healthy food too. It helps to improve the wildlife. So there is lots of importance of trees in our life.    

Paragraph on Importance of Trees in 200 Words

Trees are a very important part of our nature. It is very important to keep the environment beautiful and clean. There are lots of other importances of trees. Let’s take a look at these. Trees make a place green and beautiful. It provides a shadow that saves us from the hit of the sun.

You can’t imagine your surroundings without trees. Trees are combating climate change. It is being a global issue. And global warming is increasing every year. Only lots of tree plantations can solve all these problems. To keep the air clean, we need to plant trees.

The tree absorbs odors and bad gases and most importantly the carbon dioxide that leaves. And provide us oxygen that is important to take breathe. It makes the environment and the street cold and perfect for living. Trees are a huge source of food for us.

It provides fruits, vegetables, and many types of foods. Even several types of medicine are being created from trees. But unfortunately, people are cutting down lots of trees to make money in an illegal way.

That is called deforestation and it has been a huge problem for the current world. We need to plant more and more trees to make the environment awesome.

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