Paragraph on The Impact of Facebook on the Young Generation

Short Paragraph on The Impact of Facebook on the Young Generation in 200 Words

Facebook is a social network service where people can connect with each other. There are some famous social sites but Facebook is the most popular among them and especially in our country. Facebook has advantages and disadvantages too. Nowadays it is a big platform for exchanging ideas.

People also share their opinion on recent topics. And it’s been easy to collect blood by Facebook which is a great positive thing. In the last few years, it’s been seen that Facebook is also an education platform that is also shown on the news. Students can learn here. Some teachers make content for students. And there are some groups which are also helpful for practice or sharing knowledge.

Today in Bangladesh anything important happens, we can easily know by Facebook. Facebook also has some negative sides. Such as, the younger generation wastes their time on Facebook. Students don’t study at home nowadays. All the time they keep busy with Facebook and they can’t focus on their studies.

Dishonest people use it in a bad way and so we see many people become victims of cybercrime. Most of the crimes happened with young people. Facebook is also a cause for separated people. Social network services must be carefully handled by the young generation.

Writer – Nayeem Khan, Dhaka

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