Paragraph on Eid Shopping for Students

Eid Shopping is a really fun thing to do before every Eid. Every student should learn more about this topic and that why we have provided a few Paragraphs on Eid Shopping. These paragraphs are for all class students. I am sure you will find your class too. Even college students can use these paragraphs.

Short Paragraph on Eid Shopping (100 Words) for Class 1, 2, 3, 4

Eid shopping is a very common thing before every Eid. There are two Eids in Muslim life and these are the biggest celebrations for every Muslim in the world. People do lots of shopping according to their ability before Eid. Especially the women and the kids are too crazy about Eid shopping.

Everyone wears new clothes. It’s a day about starting new and wipe out all past sorrow and bad. People invite each other in their houses and ask to eat cakes and tasty foods. This is a very beautiful celebration. Eid shopping is a big part of the celebration.   

Paragraph on Eid Shopping (150 Words) for Class 5, 6, 7

Before two Eids people go for shopping. Most of the time they get clothes and similar things. But before Eid Ul Adha, people go for cow shopping to sacrifice for Allah. Eid shopping is always excited. You will get a huge crowd in the market. A big number of people are trying to buy and sell different products.

I arrive in the Eid market before every Eid. My father takes me there usually.  In the last Eid, I went for Eid shopping with my mother and elder sister. They took a long time for shopping. I was spending time seeing the market and the people. I loved that crowded environment.

After shopping, we keep our dress hide and open it only on Eid day. We don’t show our dress to anyone before the Eid day. When I was a kid, I used to do that a lot. Still, now I go for Eid shopping and it is still lots of fun.   

My Eid Shopping Paragraph (200 Words) for Class 8, 9, 10

As a Muslim, Eid is the biggest festival for us. We have got two Eids every year, Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Adha. Eid Ul Fitr is knocking at the door and we’re preparing for the celebration. Yesterday I went to Eid shopping with my father. I am going to share my experiences here.

Everyone wears new clothes on this occasion. I always go shopping with my father. Before going to buy things for Eid, I finalize and decide the things at home, so that I don’t become confused after going to the market. So in this Eid shopping, I decided to get a red Punjabi and black pants for myself.

My sister was also with us. She wanted to have a lehenga. We arrived in the market at noon and roaming one shop to another because my sister wasn’t finding her desired lehenga. We found her lehenga after one hour or non-stop looking for.

Then dad bought it for her. Then from the same shop, I got my red Punjabi and black pants. My father took us to eat in a good restaurant. The food was so delicious. I love eating fast food. Overall, that was a really good shopping experience for me.  

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