Paragraph on Diwali Festival for Students

Paragraph on Diwali
Paragraph on Diwali 

Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations for the Hindu people all across the world. This festival comes in October or November of every year. This is known as ‘Festival of Light’. People light thousands on candles and do lots of lighting in their house, office and other places. People worship lots of goddess at that time. Most importantly the Devi Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. People buy gifts and exchange each other. It is a good occasion to come together for every people. Everyone enjoy this festival with lots of fun and enjoyment.

Paragraph on Diwali (150 Words) for Class 1, 2, 3, 4

Diwali is a big festival in India. It is known as the festival of lights. People lighten their house, office, shops and everywhere. The night looks so much dreamy. It brings lots of peace, equality, love, and happiness between everyone. There is a national holiday at that time. The story behind this celebration is so inspiring. When Lord Rama came back to his village after killing devil Ravana, the villagers welcomed him lightening thousands of candles.
From that time, people of Hindu beliefs started to celebrate this day with lots of fun. They also worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi at the same time. Everyone gets new clothes. This is a very good celebration for the kids. They enjoy the most. They get lots of chocolate and other sweet foods. Religious people go to the Mandir and pray for wealth and a good time ahead. This is a festival about love and happiness. I have lots of good memories of this festival.

Paragraph on Diwali (200 Words) for Class 1, 2, 3, 4

Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in India among the Hindu people. This festival is all about spreading peace and positivity. There is a long story behind this festival. When Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after killing the evil Ravana, in that time people of Ayodhya lightened their house and welcomed Lord Rama. From that time people have started celebrating Diwali on this date. This is one of the big festivals from the Hindus worldwide. In the night they also worship the Goddess Laxmi for wealth. Some people call this ‘festival of light’. You will see hundreds of candles are burning in every house.
Everyone comes together, meet and greet each other. It becomes a good occasion to meet friends, relatives, and family. That’s why they buy gifts for each other’s and exchange them. In October or November of every year, this festival comes in front. Lighting firecrackers is a part of the celebration. But due to environmental issues, we need to stop lighting firecrackers now. This is called as pollution-free Diwali. Some people drink a lot and do an overnight party at that time. That is not a good thing. Diwali is a really great festival for all.

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