Paragraph on Deforestation for Student and Children

Short Paragraph on Deforestation in 100 Words

Cutting down or burning trees randomly is the main two reasons for deforestation. Deforestation is threatening and risky for the environment and human life too. It causes huge air pollution. Trees take carbon dioxide and leave oxygen. Because of deforestation the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing in the air. And it is being hard to get good air for animals and humans. It is a big reason for global warming. Global warming is increasing at a dangerous level due to deforestation. We need to be aware of this and need to stop cutting down trees and have to plant more and more trees.

Paragraph on Deforestation in 150 Words

Deforestation means cutting down or burning trees randomly. There are so many reasons behind it. The world population is increasing and people need to build more places to live. And that’s why they are cutting trees. People burn trees as firewood and use wood to make more furniture. There are lots of dishonest people who cut trees to make money. They sell these after cutting from the jungle.
Deforestation disturbs our ecological system. The air gets polluted with over carbon dioxide. We need more oxygen for better air quality and only lots of trees can ensure that. Animal existence faces huge threats and risks. Lots of types of animals are going to be extinct due to deforestation. The birds are losing their place to live. Most importantly trees save us from lots of natural calamities. We can’t face huge storms without lots of trees. We need to become aware of this.

Paragraph on Deforestation in 200 Words

Deforestation means cutting trees randomly. It has been a huge problem all across the world. People are cutting trees for is the sake of agriculture and other things. But it is having a bad effect on the environment. Trees are a very important part of nature. Trees help to keep the air clean. Deforestation has made the air imbalanced and unsafe for us. People mostly cut trees to burn them as timber or firewood. Lots of unethical furniture business owners cut lots of tress for their own benefit. There are jungle bandits who are related to these activities. We need to stop deforestation as soon as possible.
There are lots of effects on it. The biggest effect is on global warming. The temperature of the entire world is increasing every year. And deforestation is the main culprit for this global problem. It will bring a serious reason for suffering for humans and animals. We already experienced few bushfires all across the world where millions of animals and died and huge trees were burned. As well as stopping deforestation, we need to plant more and more trees to save our nature. Deforestation is a clear threat to our beautiful environment.

Paragraph on Deforestation
Paragraph on Deforestation

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