Paragraph on Computer: Short and Long for All Class

The computer is one of the biggest inventions of science. That’s why it is really important in our life. Here we are providing a few short and simple paragraphs on Computer. These are easy, simple and short. Anybody can learn these paragraphs. We have provided them with all the classes.

Paragraph on Computer
Paragraph on Computer

Using a computer has lots of good sides. The best thing about this amazing device is it has made the communication system so much easier for everyone. You can get connected with anyone anywhere in the world with your internet-connected computer.  It has improved the business opportunity and opened a huge door for learning new things. Anyone can be skilled in anything. It has changed the entire education, medical, business, banking, and governmental works. It has made our life easier. We can do lots of things way faster than before. I love this device a lot.

Short Paragraph on Computer: (120 Words) for Class 3, 4

I have a computer that my father bought for me when I was in class six. I used to play games and practice typing on this computer. I love playing games a lot. Sometimes I read books too. Now I have started using the internet. A few weeks back, my mother brought an internet connection. Now I can browse YouTube and see lots of beautiful videos. Most of them are funny and educational.
But I don’t waste too much time with the computer. I try to use my leisure time in this case. The computer is a good and useful invention of science. It has changed the education system a lot. Now our teachers teach us through the computer. They prepare the lesson before the class and show it on the projector.

Paragraph on Computer: (150 Words) for Class 5, 6

A computer is an electric device that is used to do lots of different types of tasks. It has brought a huge revolution in the world of science. There is lots of argument on when exactly the computer started to be used. But at the beginning that was a very large machine with lots of other components. But now you can carry a much more complex laptop on your side bag. This is a huge revolution. It is being used in almost every sector of our life. We can’t think a single day without its touch.
As a student, I use a computer to read books and playing games. There are almost one thousand books on my computer that were pretty much impossible to buy and store in my bookshelf. So you can assume it has been a really important tool for me. I suggest everyone use a computer properly.

Paragraph on Computer: (200 Words) for Class 7, 8

The computer is a very useful invention of science. I would love to address this device as the biggest wonder of science. It has lots of amazing sides that surprised the entire world. It is a device based on different types of programs. According to your needs, you can install the program in that. Suppose when you are using a computer for education purpose, you need an Office Management software and PDF Reader software. In your office management software, you can make a really beautiful and informative presentation for your class. It is easy to explain a lesson with graphical charts and diagrams. And students love to see what types of presentations.
On the other hand, if you are going to use a computer in the engineering sector then you need a software where you can design and read building drawings and plans. AutoCAD is a good option for that. So in the same device different types of programs can change the entire motive of using. In the business and banking computer is being used widely. It helps to keep the account clear. In the medical sector, experts use a computer to find deadly diseases and it has been so much helpful for this industry. The overall computer is a so much important thing in our life.

Paragraph on Computer: (250 Words) for Class 9, 10

The computer is one of the biggest inventions in the history of science. The entire world has been changed due to this amazing invention. It is a device that worked with lots of commands. It can’t work itself. An operator needs to control this. The computer has a huge impact on human life. It has changed lots of scenarios. A computer works with three steps; these are input, process, and output. First of all, you have to give a command as input, the machine will process this and will show you output. It works a lot faster than any other device.
When the computer was invented, that a heavy, large and costly device. But now everyone can get a computer. Before then, it was strictly used for storing data and most of the time only the government used that. The world has been way easier now to use a computer. A computer can open a new world in front of you.
When you get internet access on your computer, you can access billions of web content such as articles, images, videos, and audios. You can learn anything from there. It is a huge thing. Whatever information you need you can search that on Google with your internet-connected computer. It becomes easy to get connected with other people through social media. This amazing communication system has improved business and relationships overseas. People can exchange languages, cultures and they can learn lots of new things. You can read books on your computer and spend quality time. Even you can play games, watch movies and many more things to get entertained.

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