Paragraph on a Book Fair for Children and Students

Short Paragraph on a Book Fair in 100 Words

Book fair is an occasion where lots of books are sold and displayed. It has been a popular trend and being arranged all across the world. In Bangladesh and India mostly book fairs are arranged in International Mother Language Day or Independence Day. It is a very good arrangement for book lovers.

You can see lots of types of books there. I feel so good in a book fair. I visited one a couple of weeks ago and that was a very pleasant experience for me. Books are our good friend and we need to read lots of books regularly.

Paragraph on a Book Fair in 120 Words

Books fair a beautiful collection of books where they get sold and displayed. This is a beautiful arrangement for book lovers. Lots of publishers come to the fair and make their stall. You will find lots of writers at the fair. They come to promote their books and to interact with fans.

This type of fair lasts for a week. You will find books on drama, fiction, novel, poem, history, science, and geography in the fair. It is the biggest collection ever. All the new books that come to the market, you can get them there.

They provide a discount and that’s why you can get books at a cheaper price. Overall this is an amazing arrangement for the people who love reading books.

Paragraph on a Book Fair in 200 Words

Book fair is a beautiful collection of books to sell and display. These types of fairs are seen everywhere in the world. It is an amazing arrangement for book lovers. There are lots of people who loved to read books a lot and they get the pleasure of reading books. This fair is so much amazing for them.

There is not any specific date for it. But most of the important holidays like republic day, Independence Day, victory day, etc day are the perfect occasion for this. I have realized the winter season is the perfect time for it. In Bangladesh and Kolkata, they arrange it in February to pay respect for International Mother Language Day on 21st February.

You will find books in every category there. Mostly history, science, arts, stories, novels, horror, culture, geography, etc. I love reading history a lot and that’s why I try to get some history books from a fair to my library.

A few weeks ago I visited one and I am going to share my experience. My father took me there and that was in Kolkata. I planned to buy a few novels. I love reading fiction. That was an amazing experience and I saw the entire fair.

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