Paragraph about My School: For All Class Students

If you are looking for short and simple paragraphs on ‘My School’, then you are into the perfect place. Here we have brought a few awesome short my school paragraphs for you.

My School: Short Paragraph (100 Words) – 1

My name is Sahil, I am from Mumbai. My School name is R.N. Poddar School and it is a very popular school in our area. The principal of our school is a visionary person, who is trying his best to make our school the best school in the city.

I am a student of class nine and our class teacher’s name is Ms. Sunita Mehta. She is an amazing teacher. She loves us a lot. My school is the best school; I have so many friends here. My school has huge brilliant students and they do a really good result.    

Our School: Short Paragraph (100 Words) – 2

Our school’s name is Ratanpur Ideal Boys School. This is the best school in Ratanpur. We all love our school. I am a student of class eight and I never miss school any day. Ratanpur is a very beautiful place and our school is also a part of this beauty. Our school has three main buildings.

Every building is a two-storied building. One building is for academics and others are classrooms. In the academic building, we have a very big library. I love to read books from the school library. Our school is really good at sports. I love my school very much.    

My School: Paragraph (150 Words) – 3

My school name is ‘Alampur Ideal Girls High School’ and I am a student of class nine there. As a girl school, we are really popular in the area. Our school is the best girl school in this area according to the result of every year. The school is really big, with more than 1000 students and 40 staff and teachers.

Our principal name is Ms. Sania Mehta and she is an amazing leader. She is leading our school from the front and trying her best to make our school the best school in this area. We have three main buildings in the school. Two buildings are for classrooms and the other one is for teachers and staff.

There is a big school library, where it has more than ten thousand books. Our school is good at yearly results and it’s being better day by day. I feel proud as a student here.  

My School: Paragraph (200 Words) – 4

My name is Ali Ahmed and I am from Surat, India. My school’s name is ‘Surat Ideal High School’. I read in class seven. Our school is one of the biggest schools in Surat. I love my school very much. Here I will tell you something about my school.

Our school has a total of four buildings; two buildings are three-storied and the other two buildings are two-storied. Every building is huge and big. One building is for academic uses and others are classrooms. My classroom is in the south building, on the second floor.

In the academic building, besides teachers and staff rooms, there is a school library. This is my most favorite place in the whole school. As a book lover, I love to spend most of my leisure and free time in the library. There is a librarian who maintains the library, we all students have access to the library.

In our school we have more than 1000 students, half of them are girls. There is a different section for the girls. In our school, there is an amazing environment for learning. Our teachers are also very good, they teach us properly. I love my school very much.    

My School: Paragraph (250 Words) – 5

My school name is ‘Alighar Govt. Boys High School’. It is the most popular school here in my town because of the good result and awesome contribution to sports. We have about 500 students in our school, including 30 teachers. Our school is really popular and doing amazing.

My class teacher is Mr. Sunil Dutt, he is an amazing teacher and he teaches us English. He is very polite and never gets rude with us. His teaching method is pretty much different than the other teachers. He loves us so much and we also love him. We respect him for his hard work.  

Our school principal is Mr. Nilesh Kumar. He is a visionary person, who is very passionate about new things. His leading is taking our school on a new stage. He never accepts defeat, he is the true leader who is leading the school from the front. Our school is amazing in the sport.

Our cricket team has won the last three inter-school cricket championships. They are pretty much unbeatable. The football team is also really strong; I am a part of the football team because football is my favorite game. Our school is doing really great in yearly results.

We are in the top five according to the result. We hope that our school will do better in the future. I love my school very much. I think this school has the best learning environment. Anyone can learn the best lesson here in my school. We respect all the teachers here and the teachers love us.  

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