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Essay on My Village in 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 Words for Class 1-10

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Essay on My Village in 200 Words

My village’s name is Ashatola. It is a small village contains 100-120 families. Most of the people living here are poor and they make their living by working in the field or working as day labor. We are a family of five members living here, my father works as a construction worker and my mother is a housewife. 

My father works very hard to maintain the family and it is pretty the same for the other families in this village. We have a school here and we go there for basic education. My village is not that big, but it has a very beautiful nature. 

There is a huge river beside my village. It has made the entire village naturally amazing. I love to go to the river bank and spend time with my friends. I love to swim in the village too. When I am free, I go there to catch fish. 

It is my hobby to catch fish. Overall my village is the best place for me to live. I think there is no such beautiful place in the world like my village. I love it so much. 

Essay on My Native Village in 300 Words



Almost everyone’s origin is from a village and we are connected with a village always. I have my own native village and I have lots of things to tell about my village. Here I am going to share these things with you all. 

My Native Village:

My village is a very small village and only 50-60 families live here. Being honest, most of them are our relatives. That’s why you can tell the entire village is related to each other. That has made a huge bonding between us. 

Our village is very improved, we have a better road connection with the nearest city. We have a hospital 10 minutes away and schools for education. People of Hindu and Muslim, both community living here peacefully. 

Why do I Love to Live in the Village?

There are so many reasons why I love to live in the village. First of all, I have lots of childhood memories in the village. I feel very pleased and happy to be there. I have tons of friends there. They are extremely friendly and genuine. 


All my relatives love me a lot and I feel very good when I am with them. My cousins are amazing. I spend a very good time with them. We do everything when we are together. Most importantly, my grandmother lives in the village. 

And that’s the biggest reason behind my love for the village.  There are some other reasons too, but these are the principal reasons. I love fresh air and fresh food in the village a lot. 


I love living in my village. That’s an amazing place for me and I love to live there. I have lots of special things there and they are pretty exciting. The people of my village are amazing and friendly, I love them a lot. 

My Village Essay in 400 Words


I think the village is the perfect place to live in. I am a villager and I am living in a village for a long time. Personally I love to live here. I was born in a city and quite a huge time there and that’s why I can compare both places.


My Village:

My village name is Jamalpur. It is located near a small city, and it takes to arrive in that city 30 minutes by bus. We have almost 3000 peoples living here. People are living here in the village with lots of problems and lots of advantages. 

I am quite sure that you will love the environment here. We have a small river beside our village. The river is very beautiful. When I was a kid, I went there regularly to bath and catch fish. Even still now I go there to catch fish. 

People of every religion living here together. Most of the people are peace-loving, but they are almost illiterate. But they are being aware of education and the importance of study gradually. That’s a very good thing for our village. 

We have two schools inside the village and that has made education easy and free for the poor villagers. Now, most of the kids go to school for basic education. People make their living by catching fishes, growing rice, and selling different types of vegetables in the market. 

We have a small village market too. People from different villages gather here to buy and sell different types of products. I like the market a lot. My father is a school teacher and my mother is a housewife. My father was transferred to this school


Advantages and Disadvantages of Village Life:

There are so many advantages to living in a village. First of all, you will get fresh air and the environment is pretty amazing there. You can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. I like the village food, they are fresh and healthy. 

Especially you can get the vegetables right from the garden. People are very friendly here. I have lots of friends and I love to spend time with them. They are always happy and they have no such problems in their life.

There are a few disadvantages of living in the village too. First of all the communication system is not good. If anyone falls sick suddenly, it gets hard to take him to the hospital. And there is not a good doctor available here. 


Despite all the problems, I still love to live in the village. I love my village very much. 


Essay on My Village in 500 Words

Essay on My Village in 500 Words
Essay on My Village in 500 Words


The people who live in the villages, they are very lucky. The village is such beautiful now. Because of the improvement of modern science, there are no such big differences between cities and villages. The villagers get almost the same facilities that the city people get. 

The communication system was a huge complaint, but now there are highway and big roads all over the country and it has made the situation under control. People can live a peaceful life in an amazing environment. I also live in a village and here I am going to tell you all about my village. 

My Village Description: 

My village’s name is Champakpur, and it’s located in Punjab. This is one of the biggest and beautiful villages in this area. We have lots of things to proud of. First of all, we are the best village here and we have the best roads to get connected with every other village. 

There is a big market here and that has made our village very important in terms of business and trade. People from almost 6-7 villages come in that market to buy and sell their products. Most of the people in my village are farmers. 


They make living by growing crops. People from other professions are available in my villages too. We have a small clinic and there are two doctors available. We can take all the medical treatment from there. 

For any critical patient, it’s possible to move them to big hospitals because of better road and car facilities. Four thousand Hindu, Muslim, and few Christian peoples are living here with peace and brotherhood. 

School in My Village:

We have a primary school and a high school here. But there are no colleges. College is almost 25 Kilometres away, and we are trying to build a college here. People are quite conscious about the education of their kids. 

The biggest amount of kids go to school. The next generation is going to be educated. We have some successful businessmen in our village. We have a few govt. officers and a couple of people are working for the Navy and Army. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Village Life:


There are so many advantages to living in a village. First of all, I think the food does matter. You will find all the organic and fresh food in a village which is almost impossible in cities. You can buy vegetables from the garden and fish from the fisherman who has caught them. The environment is pretty good, there is no traffic jams or too much pressure.

There are some disadvantages too. I am pretty confused about the medical and treatment system. Because there are not such experienced doctors. That’s the biggest concern for me. 


Overall living in a village is pretty awesome for me. Anybody can live there with lots of peace. I know there is a lot of difference in the life of city vs village life, but you will find advantages in the village mostly. 

Essay on My Village in 600 Words

Essay on My Village in 600 Words
Essay on My Village in 600 Words


Our country is full of villages. There are more than 600 thousand villages in India. Now we can understand that the biggest number of people live in villages. There is a lot of importance to the village in our life. 


In this essay, I will share my village information and tell how much I love the villages. Villages are a perfect place for living peacefully without any pollution, noise, or traffic. 

It is possible to get all the advantages of cities like better electricity, better roads, and other facilities are available in villages too. 

My Village:

My village name is Rampur. It’s a small village near Ahmedabad, India. There are around three thousand people living here in this beautiful village. We have a highway near our village, and that’s why the communication system is very good here. 

It is possible to visit the nearest cities easily. We have a beautiful river on the west side of the village. There is another village on the south side and a big hilly area on the north. Overall there are lots of beautiful things to see. 

The hill has a river with it and the river is the most important thing for the village. Because most of the people here are farmers. They depend on agriculture to make a living. They grow a huge amount of crops every year. 


There are people from other profession’s people too. Some of them catch fish and they are fishermen. They catch fish and sell them in the village market. We have two primary schools and a high school in the village. 

That’s why we are pretty good at education. Most of the kids in the village go to school. The parents are also aware of education. We have a college near our village and it takes only 15 minutes by bus. People from all religions are living here with peace. 

My Village Market: 

Village Market is a very interesting part of our village. It is the biggest market in this area. People from 6 villages come here to buy and sell their products. Sunday and Thursday are two market days. A huge amount of people gathered in this place in these two days. 

Most people come here to buy food, rice, fishes, and other needed things. This market is popular for fresh fishes. And sometimes people come from cities to buy fish here. 

Because of a huge gathering, it has been risky sometimes too. There is a risk of pickpockets. But overall this village market is very essential for the villagers. 


Advantages of Living in a Village: 

There are so many advantages to living in a village. Personally, I think it’s the best place to live in the world. Things are not tiny or limited like the cities. You will find fresh air and can roam around anywhere. 

You can go to the hills, you can go to the river and that’s all are fun. It is possible to eat fresh food here. Village people don’t use an insecticide to grow their vegetables. 

That’s why these are healthy and fresh. I love eating fishes from the river. My father bought them from the fisherman. The environment is lots of helpful and good for our health. 


Overall my village is the best place for me to live in. I have all my friends and family members living here. I feel so much peace when I am with them. Village life gives me a lot of appreciation and peace in mind. I want to spend the rest of my life here, in this village. 


10 Lines Essay on My Village

Here is an essay in my village in 10 lines. This is a short and simple essay for all class students. 

1. The village is a good place to live for everyone. I prefer living in a village and I am living in.

2. My village name is Snanghat and it is located in Bihar. 

3. We have a total of 4000 people living here from all religions. 

4. It is a very big village and it has a big village market. People from other villages come here to buy and sell their products.

5. We have two primary schools and a high school in our village. It has made education very easy for us. 


6. People make living by agriculture and other regular working things.

7. Most of the people are poor and they don’t have big savings for life. 

8. They are friendly and amazing. I love to spend time with my villagers. 

9. I have spent my entire childhood here and I feel great when I come here every time. 

10. My village is like love to me, I love this place a lot. 


How can I write an essay about my village? 

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How would you describe your village? 

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How do you introduce a village?

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