My Sister Essay in 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Words for All Students

My Sister: Short Paragraph (100 Words) for Class 1, 2, 3

I have a younger sister; she is only 7 years old. She is the youngest member of our family. Her name is Sushi. Sushi is a really cute girl and everyone loves her very much. I also love her a lot. Her behavior and attitude are very fine. She reads in class two.

She never misses her classes. I take her school with me and bring back too. Sometimes my father takes her. Her hobby is playing with dolls. She has a lot of dolls in her cabinet. He has most of them as a gift on her birthday.

My Sister: Essay (200 Words) for Class 4, 5

My Sister Essay
My Sister Essay

Introduction: Most of us have sisters in my family. Some of us have a younger sister and some of us have an elder. In my family, we are four brothers and sisters. There is only a sister who is elder than all of us. Today I am going to share something about her.  

My Sister: My sister’s name is Tahmina and she reads to the nearest college in Physics. I think she is going to become a scientist. She has set up a small lab in the house and our entering is limited there. But sometimes she calls all of us to show her little experiments. I love her science experiments, these are really exciting.

She is a bright student at her college. She is very helpful and helps everyone. When any of us face any problem, we ask her and she finds a solution for us. We think that she knows everything and can do anything. She is our superhero. We love to spend time with her.  

Conclusion: My sister the best sister ever, she is the strongest, the funniest and the greatest of all time. We all love her so much and she also loves us.

Essay on My Younger Sister (300 Words) for Class 6, 7

My Sister Essay
My Sister Essay

Introduction: A younger sister is always cute and adorable. I have got a younger sister. Today I will share a few words about her. She is really adorable and loving.  

My Younger Sister: Her name is Neha, and she is five years old. She has just started to go to kindergartens. Neha is the youngest member of our family. And that’s why she is the most loving one. Everyone loves her a lot. In her school time, my mother takes her to school and my father brings her back. Sometimes I also do that.  

Her Hobbies: We all have got some hobbies. Neha also has a really beautiful hobby. She loves reading books. When she started learning the letter and then words, she started reading. My father bought lots of Hindi cartoon storybooks for her. She started reading and now performing really well.

She spends lots of time reading books which is pretty much rare to see at the age of five. She is an exceptional girl. She can understand so many things at that young age.  

Best Friend: Besides reading books, she spends most of her time with me. She thinks as an elder brother, I know everything in the world. While she asks me anything, I can give her a good and suitable answer that’s why she considers me a brilliant person. And that’s how I am her best friend. While she keeps asking several questions.  

Conclusion: I think Neha has a really good brain and she is going to be one of the brightest students. I really love her so much. She is the cutest little girl I have ever seen in my entire life.

My Elder Sister: Essay (400 Words) for Class 8

My Sister Essay
My Sister Essay

Introduction: Maybe my sister is not the greatest, the funniest, or not the perfect but she is the one whom I can trust. She is the one who can make me laugh. She is the one who can make me feel great. And that’s how every sister has been really important in our life. Today I will share a few words about my elder sister.

She is a really amazing girl. It’s not possible to complete writing about her. One of the cutest things about me and her, we always keep fighting. She is elder than me, but I win the fight always. But I never hit her and she also doesn’t.  

My Elder Sister: Her name is Tanisha. She is a student of computer engineering is the nearest college. She is a very bright student. She is doing really amazing at college. In her school time, she was the top one in every class. I and she spend lots of time together. Even we live in the same room.

When I face any problem or depression, I tell her about the whole matter. Most of the time, she is so much supporting and find a solution for me. She doesn’t mock me with my weaknesses. And that’s why I love and respect her so much.  

Her Special Skill: She has really amazing singing skills. She started singing in her school days. When my father realizes that she is an amazing singing vocal, he calls a teacher for her. She is still learning music from then. I think she is going to be the next big singer because he has that potential for her.

In a few local programs, she performed very well and got lots of appreciation. Last year, she participated in a musical competition in Mumbai, she became third and got the opportunity to sing for a record company. This is a very big milestone in her life. I always wish her the best for an amazing singing career.  

Her Kindness and Other Virtues: One of the most important virtues that he has got is kindness. She is always kind for the poor and helpless people. In last winter vacation, we went to spend time with our uncle, aunt, and cousins. She bought lots of blanket for the poor villagers in that winter.  

Conclusion: I love her so much. I think she is the best sister ever in the world.

Essay on My Sister (500 Words) for Class 9, 10

My Sister Essay - 500 Words
My Sister Essay – 500 Words

Introduction: I have got an elder sister. And she is one of the most important people in our family. Everyone has younger or elder sisters. I’ve got too. Sisters always love, they love us so much. We need to love them too; they are our best well-wisher. There is none in the world who wants better for us than our sisters. Today I will share my words about my elder sister.  

My Sister: Her name is Alia; she is a student at Medical College. She is studying MBBS for two years. After completing college, she will start working as a doctor. She is the only sibling that I have got. Her college is near our house and that’s why she can move from home.

That’s the reason that’s why I have got so much time to spend with her. She is really amazing. I love everything about her. She shares and teaches me so many things. When I go through difficulties, I have none to share but my dear sister.

She is always there for me, supporting and suggesting to me. She is the best advisor; I have got in my life. She never asks to do any bad thing. She has a very good judgmental brain, and that never let her take wrong decisions. She is a bright student too.

In her school time, she was top everywhere from grades one to ten. She never looked back and gets admitted into medical college. She is performing really well there and hoping the best for the future.  

My Role model, My Sister: I consider my sister as my role model. I want to be like her. And that’s why I am following her. I take tips from her about everything in my life. And she is helping me without any hesitation. There are a few reasons that are why I want to be like her.

The most important thing is she has no negativity. She is super positive every time. I love her laughing face, she never gets worried anytime. And that thing gives me so much motivation and inspiration. I forget the pain and all the problems in my life when I spend time with her.

Another reason is her amazing studying skills. She is a very good student. I want to be a good student like her and want to perform well in every stage of my life.  

Helpful Mentality: His most important and attractive character part is a helpful mentality. She is really helpful. We always say charity begins at home. She started helping my mother in the kitchen and that’s how she started. She always works hard even after her so much study pressure. Sometimes she cooks food and washes clothes.

My parents are really happy with her helpful mentality. Not only in the family, but she is also helpful in the college too. I found a few girls came to our house for free tuition. She even helps them with her own notes.  

Conclusion: She is my most amazing sister in the world. I know and admit that every sister is special for everyone. She loves me so much and I love her too.

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