My Opinion on How to Learn English Speaking and Writing

Good evening all of my lovely group mates. I noticed that some of my friends in this group want to know, how will I improve in spoken English. Today also I read this type of post. So today I have decided that I will present my personal opinion. My opinion can be right or wrong. If you want to add your opinion, you can. I think it will helpful to all of us who want to learn English properly.
Speaking and writing are two different things. If you want to well in spoken English, you have to practice speaking English by your-self or who will bring benefits to you. On the other way for improving the written side, you have to practice written more and more. You have to always remember that without practice it is not possible.
Overall I want to say the same thing that, the mouth will work to speak. Therefore you have to cut your throat for doing well in spoken English. Handwriting will do the job to improve your writing. So by writing more and more English, we can earn a better grasp of English writing.

Thank you.

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