My Garden: Paragraphs for All Students

Gardening is a really good thing as like tree plantation. We all need to focus on gardening; it can help to make the world green. I have a garden myself and here are a few paragraphs on ‘My Garden’. I hope you will love these paragraphs.

My Garden: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

I have a garden in front of our house. My father helped lots to make this garden. I actually grow flowers there. I love my garden very much. In my leisure time, I work there. The work is not very hard. I really enjoy working in my garden.

I feel amazing when I see beautiful flowers there and sometimes I spend time there with my friends. I call them at my home to show the garden. Gardening is one of my top hobbies; I wish to make my garden bigger. My family is really helping me.    

My Garden: Paragraph (150 Words)

Gardening is my hobby, I love to do gardening. At front of my reading room, I have a very small garden. I have about 20 flower plants there. I love to see my garden. Last year, I planned to make a garden and read a lot about this. One of my cousins from Delhi, helped a lot in this task. He provided me all the needed information that I need to know before start gardening.

Finally, my father bought me a few plants and I started my garden. Now I have successfully grown a few plants here. I hope that I will increase the size of the garden. I always wanted to have a flower garden, because the flower has a very sweet smell. I have got a plan to grow a few vegetables on aside. I feel refresh when I stay in my garden. Anybody can make his own garden.  

My Garden: Paragraph (200 Words)

My garden is the most favorite place of mine right now; it’s the source of refreshment and enjoyment for me. I spend most of my leisure time in the garden. At front of our house, we have enough land to make a garden. I got an idea last year from a paragraph and thought to start my own garden. My father gave me all the information and bought me a few flower plants.

I seed them myself and fifty percent of the plants grew successfully. I was really thrilled and amazed to see the real flower in my garden that boost my motivation and encourage me to make the garden bigger. Then I planted lots of vegetables and I love them. My garden is very beautiful, lots of my friends and relatives visit my garden often and they thanked me for this beautiful garden.

Flower smell is awesome and I feel really good. I am a nature lover and I hope I will make my garden bigger and more beautiful. All of my leisure time, I work in the garden. It’s not really hard to do gardening. Anyone can do it. If you love gardening, you need to try.  

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