Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 400, 500, 600, 700 Words for Class 1-12

We all have a favorite teacher in our school. Here we have got a few essays on ‘My Favourite Teacher’ in 400, 500, 600, and 700 words for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 students. 

My Favourite Teacher Essay in 400 Words


We experience different teachers in our life. All teachers are not the same. There are a few of them that are very special and they influence us in different ways. We can address them as favorite teachers. I have a favorite teacher in my school. In this essay, I am going to talk about her. 

My Favorite Teacher: 

My favorite teacher’s name is Sanjana Ahmed. She is 30 years old and she teaches us science. I was totally unable to understand this subject before. But after his teaching, I became fluent in science and now it is one of my favorite subjects. 

I really enjoy her class. We don’t fear her because she is very friendly. We can ask her anything related to our class. She is very talented and she can explain everything clearly. Every student pays attention to her class. 

And we have a brilliant result in her subject. She monitors the activity of every single student and goes to parent meetings regularly. She helps the parents to take care of their kids properly. She is very energetic and inspiring. 

We always become inspired watching her and she tells us that we need to study better to become successful in our life. I believe that and I know we need to work hard to get better results. She has so many good qualities and habits. 

These qualities made her special and different from other teachers. She is so kind and helpful. She helps the poor students financially sometimes and gives extra attention to the weak performers. She is a board member of the school. 

She is connected with so many social activities who is working for the welfare of society. She is always smiling and never gets angry at anyone. She always shares her struggle with us. We get so much inspiration from her story. 

She gives free tuition to the weak and poor students so that they can do better in their exams. Her teaching method is very unique and different. Because of her teaching method, most of the students pass in the class and main exam. 


We all have a special teacher in my life. He has too much influence in our life. They give us so many lessons and we learn so many things from them. Teachers are a huge part of our life.

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 500 Words


I have a favorite teacher in my school. We all have some special teachers in our lives who have better contributions. They support us very well. And today I am going to talk about my favorite teacher here. 

My Favorite Teacher:

Mr. Sunil is my favorite teacher. He is 40 years old and he lives near the school campus. He is our class teacher and teaches us Math. I was very afraid of this subject. But after his tuition, I am very good at Math now. 

I can solve all the problems. His teaching method is very unique and different. All level students can understand every single Math problem when he explains. I had so many Math concepts and now I am clear about them with his help. 

Whatever he teaches me, I can remember the lesson easily. It has been possible because of his effective teaching method. We made a brilliant result in Math in the last school test. He is very happy with our improvement. 

Qualities of My Favorite Teacher:

He has all the qualities that a good teacher should have. He is very punctual and he suggests we become punctual. He likes the students who are regular in the class. He never misses any class. Whatever happens, he will attend the class. 

He is very friendly and his sense of humor is so good. He is known because of his good teaching skills. He never gives too much homework or assignments to us. He understands the limit and that’s how he gives the assignments. 

The most important part of his character is helpfulness. He helps the weak students and gives them time even after the class. There are many students who take tuition from him for free. He always inspires us to study more and get good grades. 

He promotes extracurricular activities too. There are so many events that we celebrate in the school and he is also leading all these events from the front. He is a good speaker and that’s why he works as a host or presenter of these functions. 

His Hobbies:

Gardening is his most favorite hobby. He has a garden in front of his home. He is helping us to make a garden in the school too. He has given us a complete plan for the garden. All the students are working on this project. 

He is our leader. We have brought many flower plants. He is a good sportsman too. He joins us in the field sometimes. He teaches us how to play better cricket. In his time, he was a good cricketer

His batting skill is still amazing. He can bat very well. Including all these things, he loves reading books in his leisure time. And he recommends books to read. 


That’s all about my favorite teacher. He is the most important person in my life. He has so many good and positive contributions to my life. 

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 600 Words

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 600 Words
Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 600 Words


Education is an important part of human life and teachers play a vital role here. They teach kids about life and give real education. Teachers are a very special part of our life. We get an education because of them. 

But some teachers are very special and they make a huge influence in our life. There are some teachers who inspire us to do something great. I have a very special teacher in my life and I am going to talk about her here. 

My Favorite Teacher: 

Mrs. Tania Khan is my favorite teacher in the school. She is a 35 years old lady. She is our class teacher and teaches us English. Her English accent is very clean and she can speak English non-stop. English was the hardest subject for me but now with her proper guidance, I am good at this subject. 

Her teaching style is unique. When I do my English homework, I feel like I am doing something very interesting. That’s possible because of her teaching method. Her explanation skills are great. She can explain almost everything in a fun way. 

She is a sweet and loving lady. She never gets rude with us in the classroom. She is ready to teach us again and again when we don’t understand the lesson. But sometimes she is very strict, she doesn’t allow any types of undisciplined activities. 

She is a disciplined lady with punctuality. She loves the students who are punctual. Sometimes she talks about extracurricular things and teaches our moral values and good habits. 

She tells us how to take care of our health and keep ourselves neat and clean. These tips and lessons are very important in our life. Only a few teachers talk about these things. 

Why is She My Favorite Teacher? 

There are so many reasons that are why she is my favorite teacher. The main reason is her personality. We all are impressed with her amazing and bold personality. She is very aware of her fashion and looks. 

She is one of the beautiful ladies in the school. There are so many other reasons too. She is very disciplined and she teaches us to be disciplined. She helped the entire class to make their daily routine so that we can manage our time in a better way. 

That’s how we got better output in our study. She is a great speaker. She gives very good speeches and that’s why she hosts all the school functions as a presenter. Most of the people in the school love her a lot. Her inspiring words are very good for us. 

We get more wishes to study and get better results. She has a better connection with our parents. She guides the parents on how to treat the kids and get better output. Parents also like her a lot. Overall she is a perfect teacher for the school and everyone loves her.

Qualities of My Favorite Teacher: 

Mrs. Tania has so many qualities and that’s why she is very popular in school. She is a good singer and she sang some songs sometimes in the school functions. Her presenting skill is amazing and she presents different functions in the school. She has vast knowledge on different subjects. She is a great source of motivation for the entire school. 


That’s all about my favorite teacher. I know everyone has different types of choice but in my case, Mrs. Tania is the best teacher for me. I enjoy her class a lot. And I think she is the most perfect teacher in the school. 

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 700 Words

Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 700 Words
Essay on My Favourite Teacher in 700 Words


Teachers play an important role in our life. In our student life, we go through different types of teachers who have a strong influence on our lives. Some teachers are very special and different. We address them as favorite teachers. They bring some changes in our thinking and life. 

They always have some extraordinary talents. Today I am going to talk about my favorite teacher from high school. I have many teachers who were special and I can tell them the best teachers of my life. But here I am going to talk about one single person and he is very special.

My Favorite Teacher:

My favorite teacher’s name is Mr. Sanjay Sinha. He is 45 years old. He teaches us English in school. English is always my favorite subject and I am planning to study English Literature in the future. Mr. Sanjay has a bold personality and he has a good connection with the classroom. 

The best thing is that he is our class teacher too. We have to start school with his class. He is very good at his subject. His teaching method is very unique, so I like to read more and more. 

He explains everything in the class properly and that’s why I don’t need to do too much hard work when I prepare my homework. He truly cares about the education of his students. And that’s why he loves to take responsibility. 

Why is He ‘My Favorite Teacher’?

Mr. Sanjay is my favorite teacher and it has a few reasons behind it. First thing first, I love his teaching method a lot. Being honest, when he is in the class the entire class is silent and concentrates on him. 

That is his special power. He can grab all the attention, and make the classroom interesting and enjoyable for us. Even the weak students can learn their lessons easily by his guidelines. He loves his students and he cares about them. 

That’s a very important part of his character. There are fewer teachers who do that. But he is always exceptional. He prefers calling his student’s home and taking care of their life. He regularly does meetings with the parents and guides them on how to get better output from a kid. 

He has enormous patience that has made him very special. It doesn’t matter how violent the class goes, he can handle everything carefully. It is very simple for him to take control of his hand. 

He is a different personality in the entire school. His speech giving skill is very unique and interesting. That’s why he hosts all the school functions as a presenter. He has many beautiful talents and skills like this. 

His Lifestyle and Routine: 

He has a very simple lifestyle like other people. But he follows a very good and strict routine that made him perfect. He is aware of punctuality. He doesn’t like the people who come to class late. He wakes up early in the morning and goes for morning work. 

Even at this age, his body fitness is pretty strong. Sometimes he goes to the gym for some exercise. Then he eats his breakfast and takes some rest. Then he takes a shower and gets ready for school. After spending the day in school he goes home and does his lunch. 

He is a sports lover. And he still plays cricket and football. He comes to the field most of the time and loves to play with the young boys. It makes the field very interesting and he guides everyone on how to play better. 

Hobbies of My Favorite Teacher:

Mr. Sanjay is a passionate gardener. He has made a beautiful garden in front of his house. Even he is leading us to make our school garden. Book reading is another hobby of Mr. Sanjay. He reads different types of books and suggests us to read them. 


Everyone has a special teacher in their life and this teacher makes a huge influence on a student’s life. I am always inspired by Mr. Sanjay. I believe him as my idol and want to become a person like him in the future. When I think about him, I feel huge respect. He is a great personality indeed. 


How do I write an essay about my favorite teacher?

In my favorite teacher essay, you need to describe your favorite teacher properly. You can share a few things about his personal life too. 

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