My Favourite Game Paragraph for All Class

Here are a few short paragraphs on my favorite game, I hope you will love these paragraphs.

My Favourite Game: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

Everyone has their own favorite game, I have one of mine. My favorite game is Hockey. When I was seven years old, I started playing hockey with my elder brother. There are three professional hockey players in my family, that’s why hockey has been the first choice for me.

My elder brother is my first and only coach. I used to watch all the India hockey matches. India has the best hockey team. I love to spend time playing hockey. There are few friends of mine, who are also hockey lovers. We play together. In my school hockey team, I am the captain.

My Favorite Game: Paragraph (150 Words)

My favorite game is Football. There is no specific reason behind their like, but from my childhood, I used to watch and play football. There are so many football lovers in my family. I started loving the football club Barcelona and still, now I am a big fan of that club.

I watch all the matches between them. It’s La-Liga or Champions League whatever. I think Lionel Messi is the best player in this world, not only for this era, best for all time. He is the GOAT (Greatest of All Times). When Argentina lose the 2014 world cup final, I cried a lot.

We always think Barcelona is more than a club, its love, and like a family. I wish to visit Spain someday, to see Camp Nou. Football is a very beautiful game. Everyone should love and watch football. Football brings people together and increases inter-relation. I love football very much.

My Favourite Game: Paragraph (200 Words)

In Bangladesh, people are mad about cricket. I am also a cricket lover. Cricket is my favorite game. I used to play cricket in my school and in my local field. There is a really strong school cricket team at our school. I have gotten a chance after some really good performance.

Now I am playing there regularly. Bedside playing, I love watching the game. I never miss any Bangladesh match. Bangladesh is rising amazingly in world cricket and they already defeated every single team. In a cricket match, both sides have 11 players.

All rules and regulations are really hard in cricket. It’s a game about learning and attention. While someone is batting, he needs to focus on the bowler 100%, if he loses his focus, he will lose his wicket and have to go out. There are two innings, one team does batting and score runs.

That run becomes a target for the other team. They start batting and if they can score more run then the other team has scored, they will win the match. If they can’t score they will lose. Cricket is a really beautiful game. It taught us so many real lessons that we need to have in our life.  

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